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Let's do things differently.

What if I told you you didn't need to 'be more confident'?

Over the past ten years I've witnessed a growing phenomenon among women in leadership.

We've 'leaned in'. We've broken the glass ceiling. And now... we're wanting to lean right back out.

Damaging messaging that we need to 'be more confident' in order to lead effectively

Outdated 7:30am-6pm, black suit, high stress, low love corporate cultures

A new normal health and lifestyle baseline set at 'burnout'

Imposter syndrome preventing us from celebrating our success

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out why. In fact, I once met a rocket scientist. She's over this madness too.

There's another option.


Want in? You've come to the right place.

Let's do things differently.

Your unique leadership identity on a page

​Your unique LEAD ID Blueprint will help you to fully realise and embrace your ACTUAL values, harness your strengths, hook in to your vision for the future and blaze your trail.


This 7 step process is derived from my pride and joy flagship program LEAD ID which unlocks potential in impactful, dynamic women from across Australasia.


It includes a fave values finder tool which up until now has only been available inside the program... and the members LOVE it. So will you! Grab yours here.


You want results. You're ready to make high impact changes and achieve mind and emotional mastery to increase effectiveness and gain that competitive edge.

You know you're capable of more. You're sick of madly treading water and not really getting anywhere. Sometimes you feel like you're barely managing to even stay afloat!  


Work 1:1 with me to fast track your impact. 


Set your strategy and action plan for rapid results; and gain the  confidence, energy and skills to feel and be your best so that you can make it all happen.

Don't waste another minute doing the same thing over and over and expecting something different.

Don't let fear, doubt and imposter syndrome get in the way of living and leading at your full potential any longer.


For women wanting to step in to leadership; more clearly and powerfully than ever.

Lead ID is a unique six month membership style program designed to rapidly propel you forward using the latest in leadership strategy, modern psychology and emotional intelligence.


Through a mix of 1:1 sessions and small group coaching, this program will elevate your career or business and enhance every area of your life, giving you the confidence, self-belief and the leadership strategies to create a career, business and life to love and thrive in.  


Experience and research tells us that leaders are more effective at work and in life when they have the confidence and competence to develop strong healthy relationships and facilitate open honest communication. In short, I develop leaders who have the ability to put down “the rule book” and lead with a clear head and courageous heart!

I provide people and organisations with the confidence and clarity to achieve goals, be genuinely happy and sustain high levels of resilience, performance and wellbeing.


My education provides leaders with a comprehensive understanding of human psychology so that they can be more effective in their roles as they become constructive by nature. I teach people how to get beneath the surface and resolve issues by addressing the root cause so that “common people problems” become a thing of the past.


My flexible tools and methodology can be tailored to your needs and are designed to challenge individuals to stretch their current thinking,  becoming focussed and effective for measurable, fast and sustainable results.


Who's Tamsin?

Tamsin Simounds is a certified Modern Psychology Practitioner and Leadership Strategist, helping Australasia’s top leaders achieve transformational change.


Tamsin has upended conventional wisdom about what it takes to become an impactful leader, allowing leaders to put away the rule book and lead with an open mind and courageous heart.


With a client roster that includes Flight Centre NZ, Australian Institute of Conveyancers, Harris Real Estate and Zoos South Australia, hers is a program of deep action and accountability, meticulously designed to extend clarity, self-belief and fulfilment into all areas of life.


While the rest of the world is encouraging leaders to ‘be more confident’ and unknowingly provoking self doubt, Tamsin shatters the myth that you need to be more confident and instead gives leaders the permission to focus on the innate value they bring to the table.


On top of ten years of experience in corporate leadership, Tamsin is highly trained in leadership strategy, modern psychology, and emotional intelligence. She is tertiary qualified and holds a long list of certifications including Diplomas in Modern Psychology, Management and Leadership, as well as being a Master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

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"Tamsin recently spoke at our New Zealand leadership conference and she was right on point. Tamsin not only provided guidance and advice she provided our leaders with structure and process, very powerful. Many of Tamsin's approaches and concepts resonated with our leaders and left the room inspired and motivated. Tamsin is someone you should get your leaders, or aspiring leaders, to listen to."



"Tamsin lead the last session of the day at our conference, and she nailed it! In describing what they liked best about Tamsin's presentations, attendees  used these words; engaging, relevant, motivating and positive. I highly recommend Tamsin as a speaker, she will quickly connect with your audience to challenge them to make transformational change and achieve growth and fulfilment."